Fresnel Lens

A Fresnel lens is a small sheet of flexible plastic, about the size of an A4 piece of paper,
with a moulded optical lens.  The lens sticks flat to glass and can provide drivers with a
view that covers the blind spot immediately next to the passenger side of their vehicle. 
They can be pealed off and stuck back to the glass as often as needed to get the positioning
right and the lens does not impede the drivers view through the passenger-side window.

Due to a blind spot, drivers of HGVs cannot see smaller vehicles which are immediately next
to the passenger side of their vehicle.  These smaller vehicles, usually cars but often cyclists,
could be hit if the vehicle changed lanes in their direction.  These are known as side-swiping
incidents.  Side swipes occur frequently with LHD vehicles and after 40,000 Fresnel lenses
were given out free in the South East the number of incidents decreased by 59%.

Fresnel lenses can also be fitted to the passenger windows of right hand drive vehicles to
improve the drivers view below the level of the glass.  This allows a better views of cyclists,
pedestrians and other vulnerable road users when the vehicle is manoeuvring at junctions.
Drivers and operators can help to save lives by fitting their vehicle with a Fresnel Lens. 

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Maintenance Wall Planners

A high quality, lightweight glossy card wall planner measuring 70cm x 100cm.  Each planner
runs for 15 months and can be used for up to 46 vehicles. Suitable for both HGV and PSV
vehicles and competitively priced at £10.00 per chart + VAT and postage and packing.

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No Smoking Stickers

Double sided, self adhesive vehicle stickers for HGV/PSV.  Compliant with law in force as from
1st July 2007.  Recommended for tractor units, vehicle cabs, company pool cars, PSV driver
area etc.  Each sticker is 10.5cm x 15cm and available at £2.50 each + VAT.

No Smoking Stickers for PSV

Double sided, 70mm diameter, self adhesive - compliant with legislation for passenger carrying
vehicles and available at £1.50 each + VAT

No Smoking Stickers

Fully comply with law in force from 1st July 2007 - A4 size, self adhesive, suitable for office
and other work premises, toilets, entrances to buildings etc.  Available at £0.35 each + VAT.

Interior Seat Belt Stickers

Fully compliant with Regulation in force from 18th September 2006.  A sign must be prominently
displayed at each passenger seat equipped with a seat belt.  High quality laminated vinyl with
blue reverse side for discrete outside view.  60mm diameter and available at £0.40 + VAT each.

Exterior Seat Belt Stickers

As above but 80mm diameter.  Designed to prevent removal by school children etc. and
available at £0.40 + VAT each.

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